Sharon - Instructional Support


Instructional Support

Sharon was born and raised in Long Island, New York. Upon completion of high school, she then attended SUNY New Paltz College, and received her Bachelors of Science degree in Black Studies. After College, she decided to give back to her community by returning to her home town starting her career as a certified teacher's assistant. She worked in a regular education class setting for five years and coached track and field for 2 years. During this time, she was also a substitute teacher, which allowed her to gain valuable classroom experience. As the track and field coach, she implemented a program for elementary students to learn the basics of track and field, trained the junior varsity team on a high school level, and later moved onto the Varsity team to train them for the NY state finals.

Sharon has over 17 years of experience in the special education field, ranging from Pre-K to adulthood. Over the years as a teacher assistant, classroom supervisor, and mentor, she has supported many in giving them the proper tools to be productive and successful. She has provided in-home and family consultative services to children with behavioral and developmental disorders. Sharon has worked in adult and transitional programs as a Habilitation Technician, which required her to collect and analyze data that monitors the students/adults progress and needs.

After relocating to North Carolina with her husband in 2010, Sharon worked for the Wake County public school system, as a teacher assistant in a self-contained classroom for students with severe/multiple disabilities and medical needs. Sharon has served in a variety of school based leadership roles throughout her career allowing her to assist on different levels in and out of the classroom. In her position, she worked to help her students/clients achieve independence throughout their daily school routine, communication, social skills, functional living skills, and academics.

She has extensive training in the picture exchange communication system (PECS). This system teaches students who are non-verbal a valuable method of communication, both verbally and through pictures. Sharon has also worked with students on higher level skills such as self-management of positive behavioral reinforcement systems, self-advocacy, and emotional regulation. She is trained in Non-Crisis Intervention (NCI) and has had One-on-One experience with Seizure disorders, Autism, Down Syndrome, ADD/ADHD and mild to severe cognitive and developmental disabilities.

Sharon resides on a beautiful horse farm that provides children and the community an opportunity to visit and enjoy horseback riding, horseshoe ring toss, use of the playground, basketball, option to grill-out, and a chance to interact with the farm’s popular pet a pig named, "Maybelline"! This has been such a joy for her to offer a therapeutic environment for the students to enjoy and give back to the community.