Sabrina - Instructional Support


Instructional Support

Sabrina recently moved to Raleigh, NC with her family from San Juan, Puerto Rico in January of 2016. There, she attended Universidad del Sagrado Corazon to obtain her Bachelor's degree of arts in Communications minoring in Psychology. Upon moving to North Carolina she continued her education at the historical black college, North Carolina Central University. Her interest in working with children developed in Puerto Rico where she was the lead teacher at Bambinos Childcare Center where she was a direct support for the center’s director and worked with children with varying educational needs. This experience led to increased interest in working with children to incorporate media and digital production in the classroom environment.

As a young educator, Sabrina is currently developing her passion for education and believes that all people are individuals with unique needs. Her goal is to be able to adapt to the learning styles of each one of her students and to share her passion for media production with children.

Sabrina is an active member for her church community and in her free time, she enjoys photography, reading, screen writing, and watching films. She especially enjoys spending time with her husband of 5 years and their 2 young boys; Nico, age 4, and Ezekiel, who is 10 months old.