About 1 in 68 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to estimates from CDC's Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network.

- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -

Covid-19 safety - Learn with the Best School

We care greatly about the safety of our students, staff and families.

To accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to add safety protocols. We will have 5-day-a-week cleaning with EPA/CDC approved products, social distancing, a COVID handbook(s), posters, thermometers, gloves, disposable masks, a lot of bleach 😊 and a comprehensive Health and Wellness Policy that all families will need to adhere to in order to join our programs.

Cary Academic Middle & High School

Middle Intensive Academic and Social Instruction

In this classroom, children continue on track towards vocational school, community college or a 4-year university while still incorporating different learning rates and styles in a one-on-one and small group learing environment. Social and life skills continue to be addressed along with a full academic curriculum based on Common Core Standard expectations and project based learning.

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Academy High School Classroom

The progressive classroom is aligned with the Wake County Standard Course of Study so all subject areas are included as well as electives and curriculum assistance. The goal of this program is for students to ave an authentic school experience, learning how to work with different types of students and groups while maintaining our our commitment to project based, cross-circular learning. Individualized curricula and personalized instruction ensure syudents receive exactly what they need to grow and achieve both academically anmd socially.

Harness the Child’s Natural Wonder

As parents and educators, we are constantly met by a single word: ‘why’. During primary school, ‘why’ is generally an indication of natural interest, an inquisitive child demanding to know more about the world around them. In upper schools, however, that ‘why’ has soured and more often alludes to a child’s disbelief in the relevancy of their course of study. The ‘why’ that was full of promise and possibilities is a source of resistance as a student approaches the end of their secondary school career. The Learn with the Best Preparatory Academic works to harness a child’s natural, instinctual wonder and allows them to fully explore the world around them by encouraging them to stretch themselves and demand to know ‘why’.

Meeting the Needs and Exceeding State Standards

The Learn with the Best Academy Middle - High School offers a completely immersive curriculum program tailored meet an individual student’s needs and exceed state standards. Our academy encourages exploration and critical thinking by carefully explaining concepts through analogies and real-world application rather than relying strictly on rote memorization. By incorporating mathematic reasoning into science and placing literature within the context of history, our curriculum provides students with an opportunity to integrate and synthesize their learning in a way that makes it more relevant and long lasting.

Individualized Plans

Each curriculum is used as a guide to design and develop a curriculum plan which meets each individual student’s needs at Learn with the Best School.

Progress Reports

Progress is measured through teacher data, quizzes and tests.

  • Progress reports are sent home 4 times per year.
  • Parent conferences are also held to review progress reports in more detail and are also available as needed by parent or teacher request.

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Our Preparatory Academy in Raleigh, NC is at 559 Jones Franklin Rd. - 164 A.