Morgan - Middle/High School Educator (math and science)


Middle/High School Educator
(math and science)

Morgan is a North Carolina native!! After several positions in the education field, she went on to earn a Civil Engineering degree from North Carolina State University. While she was doing so, she was teaching robotics and circuits camps. She worked as a summer camp counselor many summers. Her favorite summer was working for Colvig Silver Camps in Durango, CO. She would take 8–10-year-olds backpacking in the backcountry of Colorado and Utah! Once she graduated school in 2017, she worked as a Civil Engineer for about a year and realized this was not her calling. She moved to Denver and worked for Playwell Teknologies. At this company she learned how to teach engineering through LEGOs to adults and children. She moved back to North Carolina and continued down the teaching road.

In 2020, Covid affected Playwell Teknologies and the company had to dissolve for the time being (Coming back to NC soon!). Once life started back up again, she started working for Life Spring Academy in Clayton, NC. Here she learned about a whole different world of teaching styles. This school had multi-age groups that would combine all types of kids in the classroom. It was an incredible place to work and learn how to work with kids with special needs or IEPs. Morgan applied to work for LWTB in December 2021 to work for a school who had a vision for a smaller campus.

Currently, Morgan serves as the Middle and High School Math and Science teacher. She is recently married to a soon-to-be Lawyer. When she is not at school She takes her horse, Ace, on trail adventures and loves cooking. She teaches horseback riding lessons as well as salsa online!