Maisha - Life Skills and Occupational Middle - High School


Life Skills and Occupational
Middle - High School

Maisha grew up in Ohio and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education from Ohio State University. She later returned to OSU to earn her Master’s Degree in Specific Learning Disabilities. GO BUCKS!! Through her work in the special education field, Maisha became fascinated by the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and continued her schooling to earn a Masters of Education with an emphasis on The Foundations of Applied Behavior Analysis.

As she pursued her degrees in Ohio, Maisha worked with children with Autism as part of in home ABA therapy for over 6 years and taught a self-contained cross- categorical special education classroom for 3 years. Looking for a change, Maisha moved to Oakland, CA and taught in a self-contained school for children with behaviors and learning disabilities for a year before finally moving to North Carolina. Here she taught a self-contained life-skills class in a middle school setting and then took a year off to be with her son. Upon returning to teaching, Maisha was immediately hired as a teacher for a self-contained class for children with intensive behaviors before moving to her true passion of teaching children with Autism in a self-contained class in Wake County.

Aside from her day to day duties, Maisha has taken many opportunities over the course of her career to develop leadership and training skills. While working in Wilmington, she served as a partnership teacher and a field experience mentor for UNC Wilmington students completing internships. Through this experience she was able to train and model effective classroom teaching through researched based programs, replacement behavior interventions and academic instruction. Furthermore, she taught the UNCW students how to write Functional Behavior Assessments, Behavior Intervention Plans, as well as assist them in collecting and analyzing data that monitors student progress and need.

Through her background in education and daily work, Maisha has discovered that every day holds the opportunity to create valuable learning experiences for students. She is passionate about investing her time and energy into working with individuals identified with Autism, communication and/or other behavior disorders as well as their families and community educators. Her goal is to facilitate the opportunities for individuals and their families to achieve their goals by imparting tools and skills she acquired through her training in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

She is excited to contribute to the growth and enhancement of the families and individuals she serves and Maisha looks forward to creating a lasting and meaningful change in the lives of people with disabilities and their families.