Lauren - Cary Private Elementary Teacher


Elementary - Middle Teacher

Lauren is a North Carolina native who is back in the state after several years as a special educator in Virginia. Having obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, Lauren has furthered her education to include an understanding of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Verbal Behavioral Analysis (VB), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Sensory Integration (SI).

Lauren is trained in using the picture exchange communication system (PECS) and has had the joy of teaching non-verbal students how to communicate both verbally and through pictures. Lauren has also worked with students on higher level skills such as self-management of positive behavioral reinforcement systems, self-advocacy, and emotional regulation.

Providing in-home and family consultative services to children with behavioral and developmental disorders for over ten years, Lauren has also served as a teacher in the public and private settings, an IEP advocate and educational consultant, and as an inclusion specialist. She has a passion for working with children with special needs and loves the challenge of figuring a child out and discovering how to tap into their strengths to help them reach their full potential.

I believe that every child can be reached and it is my job to reach them!