Jordan - Middle/High School OCS Coordinator


High School OCS Coordinator /
Behavior Support

Jordan started her teaching career serving students in Wake County Public Schools starting in 2015. Prior to beginning her path as a special education teacher she attended East Carolina University completing her undergraduate degree in Special Education, Adaptive Curriculum in the year of 2013. Throughout her time at University she gained experience in a multitude of classrooms ranging from general education to severe and profound curriculum. During the completion of her internships in the Greene County and Pitt County schools she gained an in-depth experience in NC Extended Curriculum, classroom management, accommodations to support student progress, behavioral/ emotional support and strategies, augmentative and alternative communication, and sensory integration.>/p>

Happily returning to her hometown of Cary, NC she dove into her first three years of teaching in 3-5 grade special education- Autism classrooms during the years (2015-2018). Enjoying the ideals of a holistic, student focused learning approach and learning from a variety of professionals throughout the years she gained valuable insight on her personal teaching philosophy which holds true in her reflection of each classroom and school year. Jordan values the importance of the teacher’s responsibility for creating an environment that is engaging, safe, and supportive for EACH learner. Searching for a school that values similar principles she is beyond thrilled to have found and start her new path serving the students and families as the 3-5 grade Extended Curriculum teacher at Learn with the Best School!

Outside of work life she takes every chance she can get to go camping, kayaking, gardening, and laugh among her family and friends!