Erik - Elementary Educator


Elementary Educator

Mr. Erik has just moved from New York with his family to join our LWTB School family. He arrived in NC and although the room may not be student ready, he will be ready to meet all of you! Thanks for your patience during his transition!

His credentials include a Master’s degree in Childhood Education and Special Education for grades 1-6, a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a New York Professional Public School Teacher Certificate (Certification Area in Students with Disabilities) and 15 years of direct instructional experience.

He has been working as a teacher in an ABA-style classroom for eight years, which has provided him with vast experiences in adapting and modifying general education curriculum to enable student success. He has an expertise in integrating assistive technology and multimedia into the classroom setting and has dealt with many different behavior plans and has had success decreasing frequency, duration and intensity of the behaviors.

Working with children is Erik's passion in life. Whether it is instructional athletics development or working with children who have special needs to progress in their goals and succeed in life, he has always loved the process and seeing the growth of the children. Over the years Erik has received commendations from superiors and regular updates from family members on former students and their successes. These have been continual reminders of why he loves teaching special education and feels that he is just one piece of an amazing puzzle.

Erik is very excited to bring my passion, skills and experience to educating the children of this community.