Ellen - Elementary Teacher


Elementary Teacher

Ellen grew up in Michigan and went to college in Syracuse, N.Y. After earning dual bachelor’s degrees in English and Psychology (summa cum laude) at Le Moyne College, she went on to Iona College, where she earned a Master of Science degree (with honors) in Childhood / Special Education.

Having taught for over ten years, the first part of her career was spent as an elementary classroom and resource teacher in New York. Over the years, she has taught in multiple settings, including regular elementary classrooms, special (modified curriculum) math and language arts classrooms, and self-contained classrooms for students with special needs ranging from autism to learning disabilities. After relocating to North Carolina with her husband and two children in the winter of 2015, Ellen worked in the public school system, teaching a self-contained classroom for students with severe/multiple disabilities and medical needs.

Ellen loves teaching at Learn with the Best because of the professional freedom and flexibility to provide a completely student-centered educational experience. She loves teaching students academic skills and also how to "be a student": working independently, engaging in group lessons, becoming increasingly internally motivated, and learning and practicing skills essential to functioning in a classroom environment. Most of all, Ellen loves to see students take pride in their own learning, and experience the joy of academic progress and success.

Ellen provides a structured, highly academic classroom environment that is simultaneously positive and nurturing. She wants all of her students to be comfortable and thrive, and she takes joy in each student and develops close instructional relationships that foster the best growth and progress.

Every child can learn and holds amazing potential and shining inner light. I love to help each child learn to recognize and cultivate their own potential and let that light shine!