Danielle - Middle and High School Life Skills Educator


Middle and High
School Life Skills Educator

Danielle, our middle / high school life skills teacher, is a native of York. She relocated to Raleigh this summer after 15 years in Baltimore, MD. She is enjoying the diversity and friendliness of North Carolina!

She graduated with from Coppin State University with a Bachelor of Science degree and certification in Special Education with an additional endorsement in Elementary Education. She has a passion for learning and teaching. In the future, Danielle desires to complete a Master’s degree in either school administration or school counseling.

Working with at risk and disadvantaged youth for 20 years, she has worked directly with students with various disabilities since 2003. This time included several years teaching elementary and middle school students. Danielle spent 4 years teaching High School Functional Life Skills. As a Life Skills Teacher, she guided her students towards personal responsibility and independence.

Danielle’s hobbies include cooking, reading, crafting and spending time with her friends and family. A little known secret…Danielle is an avid collector of Boyd’s Bears. She has been growing her collection for over 30 years.

Danielle believes that her job as an educator is to guide the learning process of each and every student.

Every child is gifted, they just un-wrap their packages at different times.