Colleen - Life Skills and Occupational Middle - High School


Life Skills
Middle - High School Teacher

Colleen comes to us from Long Island, NY. Seeking a change as she approaches her tenth year in Special Education, she made her way to North Carolina. She received a double Bachelor’s degree in Special Education and Secondary English Education from Dowling College, a Masters in Literacy Education also from Dowling College, and a second Masters from St. John's University in School Administration.

Colleen has worked in varied settings and in multiple roles. Her career started with a life skills program for 3 years where she worked with teens with developmental delays. After transitioning out of the public school system to a private special education school, she spent four years teaching self-contained high school students English Language Arts. She quickly moved into an administration position supporting students and parents during times of crisis, coordinating IEP meetings and teaching teachers how to write IEPs.

Colleen is a highly motivated natural mentor among the students she teaches, as well as other teachers. She has been the "go to" person for teachers, new and old, to learn new strategies and approaches with their most challenging students. She is a strong believer that every student can learn, but the path to get there is not always the same. Her love for teaching grows every day that she spends in the classroom, especially when figuring out a way to reach the student that has not found his or her path yet. Colleen's educational philosophy encompasses Albert Einstein's quote: "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."