• We're able to do things that other schools can't.

    Our Raleigh private school serving children with special needs has openings!

    Learn with the Best School believes that there is no one way to teach a child as each one offers a unique set of strengths and needs that should be factored in to all facets of their education and social lives. We strive to understand each child and to educate them to the best of our abilities.

  • Why does our private school program work?

    We believe children need a learning environment conducive to their needs.

    The classes are structured to provide visual, behavioral and sensory supports that allow children with special needs to be most successful based on their level of skills and learning profiles.

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Covid-19 safety - Learn with the Best School

We care greatly about the safety of our students, staff and families.

To accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to add safety protocols. We will have 5-day-a-week cleaning with EPA/CDC approved products, social distancing, a COVID handbook(s), posters, thermometers, gloves, disposable masks, a lot of bleach 😊 and a comprehensive Health and Wellness Policy that all families will need to adhere to in order to join our programs.

Cary and Raleigh Autism Specialists

Learn with the Best School is a Raleigh, NC (formerly Cary, NC) based K-12 private school that specializes in working with students with pervasive developmental disorders (PDD/PDD-NOS) on all ends of the Autism spectrum as well as Down Syndrome, ADD, ADHD, social anxiety, developmental delays, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorders and other types of cognitive and genetic disabilities.

Low Student - Teacher Ratio

We provide individualized one-on-one and small group instruction designed to enhance student performance by tailoring academic and social skills instruction to each child's unique strengths and needs. Our low student-teacher ratio ensures that all of our students are active learners and make progress in all areas of their lives.

Elementary School Classrooms

    Currently we have two types of elementary classrooms to enable our school to serve all types of learners.
    • Elementary Intensive Communication and Academic / Social Instruction:
      This class is for students who are both verbal and nonverbal who struggle with academic, social and communication demands.
    • Elementary Communication and Academic / Social Instruction:
      This class is for students who struggle with academic, social and communication demands.
    • Elementary Academic / Social Instruction:
      This class is for students who are on a common core path but who have mild struggles with academics and social skills.

Two Middle - High School Classrooms

    We also have two middle / high school classrooms with a diverse staff to accommodate students with all types of learning, communication and social needs.
    • Academy Middle / High School program:
      This program is closely based on the Common Core standards and NC Standard Course of Study with both group and individualized curriculum that is modified to ensure comprehension of academic concepts. Social skills instruction is also imbedded into the school day along with electives and curriculum assistance as needed.
    • Life Skills and Occupational Middle / High program:
      This class is for students who are both verbal and non-verbal and provides functional academics, communication skills, social skills and a transitional life skills curriculum to prepare students for life after school.

Our school year operates from 9:00am - 3:00pm on a 10 month calendar starting at the end of August and finishing at the end of June each year.


Applied Behavior Analysis Clinic Info.

ABA Services, Insurance and Employer Support

Learn with the Best’s ABA Clinic is committed to helping individuals, who are diagnosed with Autism and other pervasive developmental disorders, reach their full potential.

Check out the complete ABA Clinic information page to learn more about our services, payment and insurance information and a partial list of businesses that provide support for ABA services to their employees.

ABA Clinic Information

School Transition Program

This new post-secondary LWTB School program is an extension of our Life Skills/Occupational classroom and is for young adults with intellectual disabilities and Autism. In this continuation program, students will focus their education in the areas of pre-vocational and targeted vocational skills, communication, social and leisure skills, functional literacy as well as daily independent living skills within the community and their lives.

Our positive and supportive school environment provides real-world learning and work experiences both in the community and on our campus. The curriculum is student-centered with small group classes and individualized plans in career and personal development. Families are recognized as important team members whose encouragement of the student’s self-direction and independence is so important to their success.

Students may continue their education in our Life Skills high school program until age 22 and can be supported by ESA+ and/or Opportunity Scholarship funds (ncseaa.edu).

LWTB School Transition Program is for adults ages 22-25 and is a private pay program.

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What People Are Saying About Our School

Check out what our Parents have to say about the success of their children in our Cary, NC private school.
  • My husband and I feel so fortunate that our 5 year old son attends the Transitional Kindergarten at Learn with the Best. He has grown by leaps and bounds socially, emotionally and academically since attending school there. Jill is an excellent teacher and truly cares about her students. C and RTransitional Kindergarten Parents
  • Our daughter has made amazing strides in all areas during our first year with Ms. Jill and her team. She has made significant growth in academic progress and social and motor skills. We are so pleased to be a part of this great school. Trish A.Elementary School Parent
  • We are thrilled with our decision to transfer our daughter to Learn with the Best School. Jill and her team have a wonderful, unique approach to teaching children. My daughter now looks forward to school, enjoys learning and even comes home telling us what she has learned that day! Audra A.Academic Middle School Parent
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